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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rove Stories the Media Should Investigate

By common sense
From: Media Table
There are still a number of important stories about the Karl Rove leak that I have yet to see any of the mainstream media pick up on. And now that the White House is trying to tempt the media to ignore the Rove story by presenting them with an earlier than expected Supreme Court nominee, it is important that we continue to remind the media not to forget about their duty to the public to examine this serious national security issue of intelligence leaks and abuse of power.

Below are a few of the stories that I would like to see the media report on. I welcome others to add suggestions as well.

Jul 19, 2005 -- 04:21:00 PM EST

1. What are the national security implications for leaks like this? (And please, ask national security and CIA experts, not political hacks)

2. What personal connections do Rove's biggest public defenders have with him? (In fact, it would be nice if television anchors pointed out at the beginning of interviews how influential Rove was in the careers of those speaking on his behalf so that audience members wont be deceived into thinking that those "experts" are completely unbiased)

3. What is Judith Miller's connection with the neo-conservatives? What kind of "reporter" is she?

4. What do regular people (not including people in the media or academics) think about Judith Miller, the role of the press in helping lead us into war, etc.? A mixture of polls and actual interviews would be nice. (I'm sick of listening to the press analyze themselves, without getting any outside of the beltway input)

5. What have been the experiences of some others who have crossed Rove in the past? Interviews with people like: Ann Richards, John McCain's adopted daughter, and almost anyone interviewed in the documentary about Rove called "Bush' Brain" would be informative. Newspapers and television news have barely even touched the surface on providing any background on Rove's methods of operation.

6. Examine what the impact leaks like these have on democracy.

7. How does the White House's disregard and manipulation of Intelligence compare to their disregard and manipulation of Science? Are they using the same methods of operating in diregarding policy experts in Scientific fields as they are in disregarding on the ground national security experts in the CIA and elsewhere on national security matters?

8. How do people in other parts of the world perceive this story? Does it make them like America more, as Bush (who so many around the world hate) becomes less popular here? Does it make them hate America more, because they see this as more proof that America lies and disregards the worth of individuals simply trying to do their best (like Valerie Plame)? Does it make them question Bush more, because he claims to support the spread of democracy and this appears to show his White House undermining democratic values by abusing its powers to attack individual citizens?


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