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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Raw Story | WSJ poll: 69% hold Cheney responsible for Plame leak;
60% want public hearings

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According to Friday's Wall Street Journal: "Six in 10, including 43% of Republicans, say there should be a public investigation and hearings into exposure of operative Valerie Plame's identity." The statistic is published in the paper's Washington Wire.

"Fully 69% of Americans hold Cheney personally responsible for the matter; 54% hold Bush responsible.

"Republican congressional leaders don't plan to go along. Among conservatives, 60% say other administration officials aside from Libby may have acted illegally.

"Better news for the president: 55% say administration has "taken the right course" on treatment of terror-war prisoners abroad, compared with 30% who say tactics have "gone too far."


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